Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer 2017

This has been a full summer with lots of great adventures. It flew by way too quickly, but we were lucky to get to see lots of friends and family.

The Radtkes came to visit! Rob is our buddy from our Air Force days, and his kids are about the same age as ours.  We don't see them too often, but the kids always pick up right where they left off.

Fort building at 3 Sisters with Sam & Grady

Ama loves her baby Zimmy

The mountains are calling...

Top of Elephant Butte next to 3 Sisters

Our cousins came to visit!  The kids had such a great time together.  I think a trip to West Point is in order!

Cousin pileup

The annual father's day picture, on our walk to the Rodeo parade. 

We've been spending our climbing days at Devil's Head. The ladybugs have been a big hit. I'm not sure they love Amelie as much as she loves him.  

Devil's Head

There's some fun tunneling on the way to the crag

Tree climbing

Uncle Andrew

And his mini-me

Aunt Maddie is a favorite around here

Ama and her buddy Olivia

Olivia's birthday.  Amelie clung to Olivia... she wasn't too sure about the princess

Watching the other kids at Olivia's party...  by the time Ama warmed up, the party was about over.

Slip and slide fun

Snapchat with Uncle Andrew

My 2nd and 3rd babies

A sweet cousinly headlock

Ama and her baby Zimmy

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Ouray is my favorite place in Colorado.  We try to go every year, and there's so much to do there that it never gets old. This is the first year we camped, and despite some rain, it was a really fun trip. The Ice Lakes hike near Silverton was my favorite.  There were a million wildflowers, waterfalls, and a  mountain lake. We thought it would be tough for the kids, but they made it, and weren't even excruciatingly slow.  Our friends joined us the latter part of the week and the kids were psyched to have their playmates.  To them, camping is just one long play date. 
View of San Juans at sunset from hike above the campground

The start of the Ice Lakes hike. We saved a few hundred feet of elevation gain by driving up a dirt road instead of taking the main trail.  We thought we were pretty smart... and then we immediately had to cross a river at the base of a raging waterfall on the edge of a steep cliff.

We made it safely across

This valley below the lake was full of wildflowers and waterfalls

The wildflowers were almost as tall as the kids

We made it to the lake!

Heading back down

Mark rapelling down a waterfall

Kid hike.  We made a 3 mile piece of the Ouray Perimeter trail into an epic half day adventure. Luckily we got Kristin & Amy's shuttle service to come pick us up at the end!

Hiking the perimeter trail

The upside of rain is rainbows

Logan learned to play chess during our trip

Ladies hike up to Bridge of Heaven

The thin air up there made everything seem super funny... we were pretty entertained by our shadows


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Turquoise Lake

We spent a weekend camping at Turquoise Lake with the usual suspects. It's a beautiful spot and pretty close by, with camping right on the water. You can swim in the lake too, which is kind of rare in Colorado.   Of course its freezing, so you wouldn't want to.  I love that the kids are old enough that they happily play with the other kids all day and mostly babysit each other. Camping is probably the most free time I get to myself.... I got to read at least 3 pages of a book.
Turquoise Lake

This hammock was a huge hit

Alayna is the reason I get time to myself on these trips.  Amelie loves her and she's a great babysitter.

Ladies hike

Ladies hike

The whole group