Saturday, December 31, 2016


We went to the Parade of Lights. Ama and Olivia had a great time dancing to the music.  Logan moped most of the time because we didn't buy him a glowy pinwheel spinny thing.

Hugs for reindeers while Christmas tree shopping

Home Depot is the place to go!

Tree decorating... that's Logan holding his baby's 1st Christmas ornament, which broke shortly after

The kids decorated most of the tree this year.  About half the ornaments were clustered in that corner right at Ama height

My birthday

Birthday outing to an Escape Room. We were sure we'd be part of the 26% that make it out... we were not.

Making the eggplant for Christmas Eve

Ama visits Santa.  Logan didn't make it this year because he was sick.  We were all sick most of Christmas break.
Ama, Aunt Maddie, Uncle Andrew, and LoLo

Family Christmas picture

Christmas baby...
Just like me :)

Maddie, Andrew, and baby Zimmy

Visiting with Grandma & Grandpa A

Hike at Mt. Falcon

And Red Rocks

Hike at Red Rocks
Princess in boots, fighting pirates

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Welcome Zimmy

Look what I got for my birthday! Little Zimmy arrived the morning of Thursday Dec. 15th. My mom, Ama, and I rushed to the hospital to meet him. He's perfect.
My 3rd baby

Ama was super excited to meet her new little cousin. School could wait.

New family of 3


Grandma and Zimmy

Sister love

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Girl's climbing trip to Shelf... we were so proud of ourselves for setting all our own routes.  Girl Power!
Family hiking at Three Sisters
Hiking with the Clarks, our hiking/biking buddies of many years


Logan's soccer team with coach Mike & Quin

Reading with Uncle Andrew

Sunday, November 20, 2016

School pictures

Ama's first school picture. There was much fighting over the outfit, hair, etc... and she's only 3! I can only imagine what it will be like in 10 years. I can still remember fighting with my mom on picture day over bangs and glasses and other important things.
First year of preschool
Mark likes to point out that I do not cut Logan's hair straight... but I think its just fine. 
Can you see the similarities?
Logan's self-portrait

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ama & LoLo

Thanks to Maddy for taking pictures of the kids! Its very rare to capture a picture where they look like they like each other.

Monday, October 31, 2016


The best month of the year was extra good this year because the weather was warm and mild and the leaves stuck around for a while.
Ama at Three Sisters.  We mostly scramble around pirate ship rocks.  We don't cover much ground but its fun all the same.

Playing in fall leaves at Meyer Ranch. Logan took this picture.... not bad

The photographer.

Our cousin Brett's rugby team comes to Denver a couple times a year for games.  We're so lucky we get to see her as much as we do!

My kid's second family at Tammy's house

Pumpkin picking at the garden store.  All the pumpkin patches here are crowded and expensive and far away. We didn't make it to one this year.  Jared's was a nice second best.  They had a corn kernel sandbox, haunted house, and haybale maze... all for free :).

Kenny & Andrew's birthday.  I was in charge of the cake, which fell apart and had to be glued back together with frosting.  Maddy did a pretty good job fixing it up.  It still tasted good.

Pumpkin picking in Colorado Springs with Lucas and Axel.  Ama received some new hand me down costumes from the Goetz's and wore them everywhere that week.

Biking near Bear Creek. We stumbled upon a cool dirt track in the woods with giant jumps and had fun watching the big boys catch air.

We went for a walk at the lake and ran into the elk herd swimming.

Scrambling at Three Sisters

Park near Maddy & Andrew's house

Cuddle time with Maddy

Minecraft sword fight

Halloween.  We went to the Singer's neighborhood where the houses are closer together.  It was warm and there were a million families out-- it was really festive.

Ama was a monkey- again- and Logan was Steve from Minecraft.

Harvest party lawnmower hayrides

My awesome pumpkin.  It lasted about 12 hours.  Something ate it by the next morning.