Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sicily Plan B

We were supposed to go to Sicily after Christmas this year, but due to a passport issue we didn't make it. Plan B was St. George, UT. Fortunately we love St. George, so it was a pretty good backup.  Plus, Mike, Janelle, Lucas and Axel were there.  Logan said his favorite part of the trip was seeing Axel, and Amelie's favorite part was seeing Aunt Janelle, so maybe it was even better than Italy!

Swings while climbing at Sunset Alley

Walking through a frozen slot canyon.  Much easier than swimming!

Angel's Landing

10 years later! We're pretty lucky.

St. George petroglyph hike

Climbing at the Grail

At the VRG

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas and birthday season

Zimmy turned 1!  He ate most of that cake.

Birthday hike!

We rode the Georgetown Santa Train this year.
He still believes. I think we have one year left.

Lucas was a good sport

Santa also made a stop at the dentist's office and Logan discussed his list with him

At the Conifer Christmas parade with Zimmy

Christmas tree shopping at Home Depot

Zimmy's at the age where he likes to sit in boxes.

Making gingerbread houses with Olivia

Christmas Eve

Grandpa Z reading the Night Before Christmas

This little heathens went to church on Christmas! First time... they were totally confused. 

Skating on Christmas day

Light saber battles on ice
We park the cars in the cul de sac and walk up the driveway when it snows... I like to think this builds character :).

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Logan's first lost tooth

Logan lost his first tooth at school, just shy of his 7th birthday. It came flying out as he was talking to his teacher :).

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall 2017

I'm super behind on the blog, so this is a long catch up post!

We've had a super warm fall.  Mark built a zipline from the back of the garage down to the back corner of the yard.  We tested it a with a bucket full of sand before we put the kids on it-- good thing, because it crashed into the tree the first couple times.  Its mostly safe now...


It's been great having Axel within driving distance. He and Logan get to see eachother fairly regularly and have so much fun together.

Ama loves dancing.  I thought this one was funny because it ends with namaste.  She must have learned that at school. 

I'm guessing this next one was not learned at school.  I think maybe she got her eye moves from watching Beyonce videos.

Girls hike in the Indian Peaks with Katrien, Kristin, and Rachel
Hiking in Beaver Brook, a newly discovered open space near Floyd Hill


Grandma time at Grandma's new house behind Evergreen Lake
At the Evergreen Art Festival

Amelie wanted Mark to build her a dollhouse.  Of course she had to paint it bright pink.
Leaf hike near Kenosha Pass
After Mark yelled at Logan, he received this note under the bedroom door: "Ok listen i love that you love to do stuff with me there's just one problem: you don't have a great attitude. It scares me, please stop."

Hiking at the secret spot with Ayla & Xander

Weekend trip to Colorado Springs to see Grandma & Grandpa A

Grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa A

These two have so much fun together
Hiking with Aunt Janelle. Ama loves her Aunt Janelle!

Kenny & Andrew's 31st/34th birthday

Zimmy and Grandma Z

Princess Maddie and Ama the bee

The boys

Ama dancing to Mark playing guitar

Toothless the Dragon and Baby


Mark and Bohr in a Stein holding contest for Oktoberfest