Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Banff is one of my favorite places in the world, and we had not been since before we had kids. We talk about going every single summer, and its always too expensive to fly and too long to drive. We discovered some cheap last minute tickets this year and fit in a trip over Labor Day. It was just as beautiful as I remember! We struck a deal with the kids where they would go on hikes with me during the day, and I would swim in the hotel pool with them every evening. Everyone was happy :).

Moraine Lake

Logan made it to the top of this one with me-- he was a trooper!

Plain of the Six Glaciers

Mark climbed that spire in the background on a very cold windy morning

Thursday, August 16, 2018

First day of school at Marshdale 2018

The kids switched from their Montessori school where Logan had been for the past 4 years up to our local neighborhood school this year. It was a hard decision to switch, and we still miss the old school, but we wanted them to meet friends in our neighborhood.  Its a great school, and they get to see Auntie Kenny every day. And most importantly, they ride the bus now!
Ama picked her own outfit.  Logan is a little nervous.

First day riding the bus

Having Jac in his class made the move a little easier

Ice cream at the lake to celebrate the first day of school

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer 2018

Evergreen Rodeo Parade

Grandma Z was in it!  Just like the Newtown Labor Day parade.

Father's Day tradition

MIT APhi reunion in Chicago


Grandma Z got the cutest, wildest kittens

Tree parachuting just like Uncle Andrew

We went camping for a night in the Mt. Evans wilderness... not sure why

Every once in a very rare while, they love each other

Amelie & Reese playing dress up

Bubbles with Aunt Maddie
A very hot day trip to the desert.  Note to self, August is not a good time to go to Utah.

Logan getting a well deserved dunk

Pyramids, just because

Bronco's game!

Hike with cousins

Andrew and his mini-me

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

East Coast Reunion Tour

We made it back East this summer for a 40th birthday year reunion visit with friends and family.
Our first stop was West Point.  The kids LOVED seeing their cousins!

We made a quick trip into the city to see all the dinos

We spent a day at Rowledge Pond with the Sugdens.  It was pretty idyllic... kind of made me want to spend every summer there!

High school reunion at Katie's house in RI

Amelie and Helen had a fun day together

The kids loved the beach

Logan wake boarded for hours and hours with Jeremy and some older ladies he befriended

High school besties

I took them to MIT on the hottest day of the year

Katie Barron joined us

MIT Field hockey reunion