Monday, November 19, 2018

Moab canyoneering

We set out to Moab for a weekend of canyoneering.  We had a hotel with a pool, and used it to bribe the kids into hikes/canyons. It was Amelie's first time rapelling, and I was a little terrified, but she was not and did great. 
Rapelling off Morning Glory arch into Negro Bill Canyon

We had many onlookers below... I was sure someone was going to yell at me for my reckless parenting, but they applauded instead. We even ran into a family from Marshdale there!

Amelie standing in a dinosaur footprint

Hiking into the canyon in Arches

Family canyoning in Arches

Canyoning in Arches

Mommy LoLo rapelling

Mommy Ama rapelling

Logan and Mark climbing some off-widths
While Amelie and I enjoyed Moana & Ralph's wedding below

Wandering in the Fiery Furnace

We found some hidden arches

Skull Arch

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall 2018

Grandma Z & Zimmy
Grandma with all her grandkids

Grandma Z got kittens! Chaz and Ollie.

Ama Bahama, photo courtesy of Maddie

LoLo skeewottentotten

Grandma Z's birthday

Logan's going to be a velociraptor for Halloween.  He's practicing scaring Kenny :)

Me & Zimmy, hammocking

Cousin swings
Grandma's birthday

The Carole King musical, for mom's 70th

Aspen-Crested Butte hike with the girls

We had two groups hiking from either trailhead and timed it perfectly to meet at the top

Making dinosaur cookies. Pink, of course

Sick climbing gym moves

Field trip at Lookout Mountain Nature Center
Logan's imaginary dinosaur.  Mom and dad made him a homemade mask the night before, and it was so terrible I found him in bed crying that morning at the thought of having to wear it. We went with his trusty Toothless hat instead.

Logan's whole class in their imaginary animal outfits

Ama's class

Ice cream after lacrosse practice

Climbing gym buddies

Scootering to Bear Creek Lake

Maddie & dinosaur

Andrew and his mini-me

Andrew & Kenny's birthday

Pumpkin carving

Aunt Maddie doing mermaid makeup.  She's way better at this than mom.
Boo at the Zoo

Mermaid and velociraptor

Halloween at the Singers

Amelie's note to the Switch Witch. In exchange for her candy, she would like a toy longneck that roars. Good luck, Switch Witch!